Tyler, very interesting and insightful. Same for all your dev-led landscape posts for that matter. Thoughts on secure-by-design networking becoming more of a developer-led / integrated developer team-led function that in the past? Here's how we approach it for example with our open source and why we believe it becomes a new part of the dev-led landscape:


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Hi Galeal:

I think it's fair to say that for every infrastructure or operations unit of capability, there will be demand and scenarios where an in-the-app-equivalent-SDK would be warranted. We've seen variations of these types of solutions for a number of decades, and they span in-app identity, SSO, authorization, messaging, security, flow control, performance optimization.

Game developers and social media sites are dependent upon these types of approaches since they have massive populations of users that have steep requirements for latency, security, and access which make depending upon underlay networks inefficiently applied for their particular usage domain.

So, I could see the same for zero trust networks - app-to-app SASE / ZTNA / SDWAN capabilities built in to each client. I think the trick is identifying the verticals where those app devs will need to tailor and specialize that capability vs. licensing it or riding on another backbone.

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