Developer-Led Landscape: Turkey Edition

Nearly 300,000 views and community participation helped identify 63 new developer companies and products generating $217M ARR which have raised $610M in VC.

The developer-led landscape in September and it’s follow up, cloud native development in November, are approaching 300,000 total views.

We appreciate the involvement of the community. Since it’s publication, we’ve been cross-posted in the press, held discussions with community influencers, and have helped management teams at leading developer businesses to better communicate their potential with employees, recruits, and investors.

A Turkey Weekend Update

In the 3 months since we published the first version of the landscape, we have made the following modifications:

  1. New Database Location: We have moved the public database from a GitHub file into a public Google sheet. We received about 10 issues or pull requests from the GitHub repository, but the raw data format didn’t make it easy for the industry to work with the data. By moving to a public Google sheet, we can a) allow others to copy the data more easily, b) link to ranges of companies, such as all companies in a particular category, c) make it easier to snapshot changes between two named versions, and d) automate the replication of data between our private tracking database and the public view.

  2. New Companies and Products: Added 63 new companies and products which generated $217M in ARR, raised $609M in venture capital, and are an average of 4 years old.

  3. New Specializations: Added 2 new specializations (and moved companies from other specializations into the new groupings: Code Compliance (GRC for how developers behave with the code they have rights to) and Resilience Engineering.

  4. Corrections: Made modifications to names or specializations for r2c, Cloudify, AWS Device Farm, Kobiton, NHost, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, Section, and Stackery.

New Products and Companies Added Since September

Quay Conducto EarthlyTechnologies Yourbase Toolchain Canarian ShuttleOps ReleaseIQ CloudEssence AIReviewer Mesh7 SaltSecurity Solvo Doppler Salto OverOps Pixie Blameless Firehydrant Hoss Kintaba OpsLevel Stackpulse 21Labs Shield34 Testinium Aspecto Testory K6 Sourcehut MessageBird SerpApi Griffin Noyo Fingerprintjs AxonIQ Micro Aleo Actyx Mimik StreamNative NCache RedPanda Airkit Integromat Canonic ClusteredCloud Etebase Macrometa Pandio BatchIQ Koyeb Stark RightwareKanzi Bellsoft LogiAnalytics Hashnode QADashboard Opsera