Peak DevOps will create a pivotal moment of transition for the developer industry leading to a 3rd Wave of Software Industrialization defined by a multi-trillion dollar Autonomous Development landscape.
Thoughts, observations, and concerns after a stunning 2021.
$49B in annualized recurring revenue, up 22% from 2020, from over 1000 companies whose products were sold or influenced by developers!
Independent board members are the key to driving diversity and higher profits.
Could pushing apps and data closer to end users to improve their performance be a cloud opportunity worth $20 trillion?
Let's discuss the rocket fuel propelling the next wave of developer-influenced businesses.
Nearly 300,000 views and community participation helped identify 63 new developer companies and products generating $217M ARR which have raised $610M in…
Over 200 Cloud Native Development Companies Representing $100B in Market Capitalization
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